World region Country Name of survey/census  (English) Year
(last wave)
AMRO Bahamas Bahamas Living Conditions Survey (BLCS) 2001
AMRO Barbados Country Assessment of Living Conditions (CALC) 2010
AMRO Bolivia Bolivia Demographic and Health Survey 2008  2008
AMRO Brazil National Household Sample Survey – PNAD 2008
AMRO Canada Participation and Activity Limitation Survey 2006
AMRO Canada Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) 2011
AMRO Canada Health and Activity Limitation Survey : Institutional Component 1991
AMRO Canada National Population Health Survey Health (NPHS) 2008/2009
AMRO Canada Price Survey of Assistive Devices For Persons With Disabilities 2001/2001
AMRO Canada Residential Care Facilities 2009/2010
AMRO Chile First national study on disability 2004
AMRO Chile Quality of Life and Health Survey 2006
AMRO Costa Rica Estadística sobre personas con discapacidad en Centroamérica 1998
AMRO Guatemala National survey on disability 2005
AMRO Honduras Permanent multiple purpose survey of households 2002
AMRO Mexico Nacional survey on performance of health services 2002  2002-2003
AMRO Mexico National survey on Health and Nutrition 2006
AMRO Nicaragua Nicaragua survey for persons with disability 2003
AMRO United States of America National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010
AMRO United States of America US Health and Retirement Survey  2010
AMRO United States of America Americam community survey 2012
AMRO Uruguay National survey of Persons with Disabilities  2003/2004