Health and Retirement Study - Wave 2010 (HRS) USA
Questionnaire Overview sections first level Overview sections second level Linking to the ICF Items on disability? Capacity & Performance specified? Time frame (only disability questions) Response options (only disability questions) Any known instrument included? Filter (for the whole section) Checked (x) Relevant Comment
(e. g. household, individual, etc)     only chapter level None Capacity   Frequency SF-36     0=no  
        1 to 5 Performance   Intensity WHODAS     1=yes  
        5 to 10 Both   Statement WG-6        
        10 to 20 Not clearly stated   Others Others (please specify)        
        More than 20     Yes/No None        
Wave 2010 SECTION A: COVERSCREEN                 x 0  
Wave 2010 SECTION B: DEMOGRAPHICS   d1, d 1 to 5 Performance childhood Yes/No None None x 1 Although the section is called demographics, information addressed go beyond this sort of data and questions about life satisfaction and a very detailled set about health conditions, disability and/or impairments during childhood. Examples of questions: Please think about your life-as-a-whole. How satisfied are you with it?; when you were growing up, before you were 16 years old, did you miss a month or more of school because of a health problem?; Difficulty seeing, even with eye glasses or prescription lenses?;  Before you were 16 years old, were you ever disabled for six months or more because of a health problem? That is, were you unable to do the usual activities of classmates or other children your age?; At what age were you first diagnosed with [ asthma/ diabetes/ a respiratory disorder such as bronchitis, wheezing, hay fever, shortness of breath, or sinus infection/ a speech impairment/ an allergic condition/ heart trouble/ chronic ear problems or infections/ epilepsy or seizures/ severe headaches or migraines/ stomach problems/ high blood pressure/ depression/ drug or
alcohol problems/[any other] emotional or
psychological problems]?; What portion of the time did
your mother work outside the home when you were
growing up: all of the time, some of the time, or not at
all? Do you have any good friends who are members
of the place where you attend religious services?
Wave 2010 SECTION C: HEALTH STATUS   b1, b2, d More than 20 Performance not defined Yes/No
None None x 1 Very detailed section on health condition including questions on course over time, medication, treatment and etc. For some hc limitations of ADL are questioned. For seeing, the quality of seeing function is addressed. Frequency of problems with sleep functions addressed. In order to address depression, many symptoms are addressed.
Wave 2010 SECTION D: COGNITION   b1, d1 More than 20 Performance varaible: last week, in comparison to the last wave, etc. Yes/No
Others (WAIS among others) None x 1 Section is a compilation of diverse tests, a neuropsychological test battery addressing cognition as well as perceived changes between the last wave and this wave. There is a proxy version of this section.
Wave 2010 SECTION E: CHILDREN & HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS                 x 0 Focus on financial help between parents and children or grandchildren 
Wave 2010 SECTION F: PARENTS & SIBLING/COUPLE DECISIONS                 x 0 Formal questions about caregiver role in the family and how decisions are taken
Wave 2010 SECTION G: FUNCTIONAL LIMITATIONS AND HELPERS   b4, b7, d1, d3, d4, d5, d6, d8 More than 20 Capacity not defined Yes/No None None x 1 Section focus on the presence of a limitation or restriction because of a hc condition or memory problem, further asking whether help from cares is received or aids are used. The questions on difficulties do target capacity. Although EF are then explored, no further questions on performance are stated. A time frame is not given for the questions, but at the very beggining respondents are told "Exclude any difficulties that you expect to last less than three months."
Wave 2010 SECTION H: HOUSING   e1 na na na na None None x 1 Formal questions about living situation, mortage rates, credits; questions about services and accessibility of senior housing systems, also taking disabilities into consideration; questions on rebuilding due to disability, expenses
Wave 2010 SECTION I PHYSICAL MEASURES & BIOMARKERS                 x 0 Blood pressure, blood examinations, salive examinations and etc are performed.
Wave 2010 SECTION J: EMPLOYMENT                 x 0 Formal questions on employment situation, benefits, jobs characteristics, beliefs about the job situation, retirement plans. This sections has also an exit version, if the person passed away. Impact of health condition or disability considered only as one more reason for retirement in a few questions
Wave 2010 SECTION K: LAST JOB                 x 0 Formal questions about job situation and earnings
Wave 2010 SECTION L: JOB HISTORY                 x 0 Formal questions about past job situation and earnings
Wave 2010 SECTION LB: PSYCHOSOCIAL QUESTIONNAIRE   PF, d6, d9 na na na na Others None x 1 Questionnaire including a set of questions about the frequency of activities like caring for others, doing voluntary work and leisure time; life satisfaction; quality of spousal relationship; quality of the relatinship to living children, friends; beliefs regarding relationships, self-efficacy, locus of control and etc. Large set of several psychological questionnaires addresing personality issues.
Wave 2010 SECTION M: DISABILITY   d8, e5 More than 20 Performance not defined Yes/No None None x 1 Although the section is called disability, the focus here is on the impact of a disability on work and benefits related to work reduction.
Wave 2010 SECTION N: HEALTH SERVICES & INSURANCE (COSTS & USE)   e1, e5 na na na na Others None x 1 health care coverage, costs and satisfaction with coverage and costs
Wave 2010 SECTION P: EXPECTATIONS                 x 0 Beliefs about changes regarding home value, chance of finding a job as the current one or chance of dying before being 75 years old are targeted
Wave 2010 SECTION Q: ASSETS AND INCOME   e1             x 0 Section exploring in many questions the financial situation
Wave 2010 SECTION R: ASSET CHANGE   e1             x 0 Changes in the financial situation since last wave targeted
Wave 2010 SECTION S: WIDOWHOOD/DIVORCE   e1             x 0 Changes in income, financial situation, after divorce or partner dead are targeted
Wave 2010 SECTION T: WILLS, INSURANCE AND TRUSTS   e1             x 0 Focus on life insurance
Wave 2010 SECTION TN: THUMBNAIL INFORMATION                 x 0 Section for interviewers, about how helped the respondent during the interview, language spoken
Wave 2010 SECTION U: ASSET VERIFICATION   e1             x 0 Check of the assets information using prior answers
Wave 2010 SECTION W: INTERNET USE & SOCIAL SECURITY PERMISSION                 x 0 Use of internet and mortgage problems related to housing mortgages and the financial crisis in the USA
General impressions
Health conditions in the childhood detailled addressed in section B (demographics). Health status and cognitions very detailed addressed in sections C and D.
In all sections special sets of questions in fuchsia color can be found, they belong to the exit version, in case the respondent has passed away. Survey heavly focus on health condition questions and financial/work situation of participants. In the section called disability, only work problems are addressed. In the section functional limitations the presence of limitations as well as the presence of barriers or facilitators are targeted. The extend of the problem is not targeted.