National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey USA
Questionnaire Overview sections first level Overview sections second level Linking to the ICF Items on disability? Capacity & Performance specified? Time frame (only disability questions) Response options (only disability questions) Any known instrument included? Comment
(e. g. household, individual, etc)     Only chapter level None Capacity   Frequency SF-36  
        1 to 5 Performance   Intensity WHODAS  
        5 to 10 Both   Statement WG-6  
        10 to 20 Not clearly stated   Others Others (please specify)  
        More than 20     Yes/No None  
Screener Module 1 Household                
Screener Module 2 Household                
Family Questionnaire Demographic Background/Occupation                 
  Housing Characteristics                 
  Consumer Behavior                
  Food Security                
  Tracking and Tracing                 
Sample Person Questionnaire Acculturation                
  Blood Pressure                
  Cardiovascular Disease                 
  Dietary Screener                
  Dietary Supplements and Prescription Medication                 
  Dietary Behavior                 
  Early Childhood                 
  Health Insurance                 
  Hospital Utilization and Access to Care                 
  Kidney Conditions                 
  Medical Conditions                 
  Oral Health                 
  Physical Activity and Physical Fitness                 
  Physical Functioning    hc
d1, d4, d5
e1, e3, e5
10 to 20 Both
Not clearly stated
  5+ Section
  Respiratory Health and Disease                 
  Sleep Disorders    b1 1 to 5 Capacity   Statement
  16+ Section
  Smoking and Tobacco Use                 
  Weight History                 
Audio Computer Assisted Personal Self Interview (ACASI) Questionnaire
Alcohol Use                 
  Drugs Use                 
  Food Security                 
  Sexual Behavior                 
  Tobacco Use                 
Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) Questionnaire  Alcohol Use                 
  Bowel Health                
  Current Health Status   hc
d5, d8
1 to 5 Both,
Not clearly stated
past 30 days,
Statement   12+ Section
  Dietary Screener                
  Depression Screen   b1, b3
d6, d7, d8
1 to 5 Both,
Not clearly stated
past 30 days,
Statement   12+ Section
  Pesticide Use                
  Physical Activity                 
  Reproductive Health                 
  Respondent Information                 
  Volatile Toxicants Use                 
  Weight History                 
Special Follow-up Questionnaires Flexible Consumer Behavior Survey (FCBS) Module  Core Module: Household In-person Interview              
    Part A: Family Level Questions              
    Section I Dietary habits              
    Section II Food expenditure and time use              
    Section III Income and assets              
    Section IV Food assistance - the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program              
    Part B: Sample Person Questions                                                            
    Section V Self-assessed diet quality                                                     
    Section VI Food assistance – WIC                                                      
    Section VII Food away from home frequency                                               
    Section VIII Use of convenience foods                                                  
    Section IX Other dietary related behaviors/ characteristics                                     
    Follow-up Module: Telephone Interview              
    Section XI Food away from home attitudes              
    Section XII Knowledge, perceptions, habits              
    Section XIII Food label              
    Section XIV Food safety – Organic foods use              
    Section XV Respondent information              
  NHANES Hepatitis C Follow-up                 
Examination and Laboratory Dietary Recall                
  24-Hour Dietary Supplement and Antacids Use                 
  Examination Components  Arthritis              
    Bone Density Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry  (DXA)              
    Body Measurements - Anthropometry              
    Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)              
    Oral Health              
    Physician’s Exam              
    Respiratory Health              
  Laboratory Components  Venipuncture              
    Urine Collection              
    Bone Mineral Status Markers              
    Diabetes Profile              
    Infectious Disease Profile              
    Oral Human Papilloma Virus              
    C-reactive Protein              
    Thyroid Profile              
    Standard Biochemical Profile              
    Kidney Disease Profile              
    Pregnancy Test              
    Prostate Specific Antigen              
    Nutritional Biochemistries and Hematologies              
    Sexually Transmitted Disease Profile              
    Blood Lipids              
    Environmental Health Profile               
General impressions
Only a few relevant parts; mostly questions or measurements of health condition